Themed Weddings – Five Inspiring Ideas For Your Themed Wedding

A wedding should be a reflection of the tastes of the individuals and the couple as a whole. Themed weddings are a more extreme expression of the things you love. A well executed themed wedding should be subtle, seen in parts of the decor, food, dress of the wedding party and the bouquet, which will play a prominent role in the early part of the day. Here are 5 themed weddings and ideas for implementing them to inspire you:

Inspiring Ideas For Your Themed Wedding

Gamer wedding

You may have seen pictures of a Minecraft wedding last year, it was surprisingly cute, a little geeky but overall a very classy affair. How did they do it? Well although the Minecraft theme seemed to permeate every aspect of the wedding it was actually pretty subtle, feeling fairly minimalistic and neutral which seems to be the secret of success in any themed wedding. The decor is self aware and mischievous. It’s fair to say that this might not work quite as well with shoot ‘em up games like Halo or BioShock but whatever you choose it is possible to implement a gamer theme by getting creative.

Designate a space to play the particular game so everyone can see why you love it so much. Work with your tailors, caterers and decorators to modify classic wedding items to fit your theme. The groom’s buttonhole flower could be replaced by a paper version of his avatar for instance.

Eco wedding

An eco wedding can be interpreted in many ways but it will most likely have a rustic aesthetic, plenty of homemade elements and potentially happen out of doors. The ecological efforts you make may not be visible on the big day as it’s more about the sourcing choices you make rather than the decor.

Everything should be sourced as locally as possible from the food and flowers to the glass hire in an effort to reduce the ‘mileage’ of your wedding and the associated carbon dioxide pollution contributions. If you can’t find a florist that can guarantee locally grown flowers then why not grow your own. Of course this will take advanced planning, a green thumb and may mean you don’t know exactly what you’ll get on the big day but this extra personal involvement in your bouquet will give you a really special feeling of achievement.

If you’re not a natural gardener but excel more at crafts you could abandon flowers altogether switching the classic flower bouquet for felt flowers or recycled paper floral creations.

Recycling will also help you stick to the eco theme. The material for your dress or suit could be recycled. Silk and wool clothes are very long lasting, especially older ones that are made from 100% wool or silk. Vintage silk is wonderful and will look great when reworked into wedding clothes. Recycled paper for the invitations, menus and programs should be easy to find either through your printers or online if you’re planning to write them yourself.

Extreme wedding

If you and your partner are adrenaline junkies why do something crazy on your wedding day? There have been underwater weddings, skydive weddings and zero gravity weddings- what’s your bag? If you have an extreme theme wedding like a skydive you should remember that your family and friends will not be able to be present at the moment of the union. If this is a concern for you then choose an activity where friends can join you, e.g. skiing or at least something where you can be seen and or heard by your guests. If you met your partner at the local climbing wall then you could clip yourselves in and have the wedding 20 feet up.

An extreme wedding is a pretty big theme in itself and won’t need further emphasising in the reception unless of course your guests didn’t witness it and then you can show a video of it during the speeches and display pictures around the venue of the most amazing and exciting time of your lives.


This theme is really fun; you can pick a classic American car for you and your hubby to ride in such as a Mustang, Pontiac Firebird or a Cadillac Eldorado Convertible. Make sure if you hire one of these beauties that you’re allowed to try driving it too. Your dress and suit can be styled in an ear you chose, though matching the era of our car or other items in the wedding will create greater continuity. Knee length dress styles were popular in the 50s while in the 70s brides could get away with mini dresses so these are great for ladies who shirk the princess look.

Diner food like burgers, hotdogs and big apple pies will play into your theme and create a fun atmosphere. You could take the theme in a specific direction with lots of Grease references, a fun fair outside with fun house and plenty of carnival games. Order custom leather jackets embroidered with T-Birds and Pink Ladies for your wedding party to wear. These will be a wonderful memento of the day for your nearest and dearest. Mobile cocktail bar hire with drinks served in soda bottles will finish off this theme perfectly.


This is quite a popular theme, particularly on the British TV show ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’. It makes sense that if you love Christmas you’d want to replicate that feeling of joy and wonder that we get experience on this holiday. However not all your guests will ‘get’ this tribute to Christmas so you’ll have to do a lot to get them in the mood.

If you’re going to do Christmas you’ve got to ‘do it right’ as they say. That means a roast dinner, gift giving, Christmas music and a tree. This is one theme where I’d advise that more is more as opposed to many other themes that require subtlety. Christmas only half done isn’t worth doing at all. Imagine a snowman standing on a green lawn: if you lack commitment to the theme it will instantly break the spell.

Go crazy and over the top decorating with wreaths, winter berries and lots of sparkle.

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