How to Choose the Best Smartphone?

So you are planning to buy a new smartphone? However, the availability of numerous options will make you difficult to choose one. Today, many mobile manufacturers are producing different varieties of smartphones. First find out how are smartphones different from regular mobile phones.

How-to-Choose the Best Smartphone

What are smartphones?

Smartphones are the mobile phones that are capable of performing different functions, such as running applications, surfing the internet, taking pictures and playing music. Feature phones are quickly being replaced by the smartphones. Operating system and the powerful processor are what make smartphones different from regular mobile phones. We can say that smartphones are much like the pocket PCs rather than the mobile phones.

Though there are different smartphones produced by different manufacturers, they can run with the same operating system. For example, Samsung’s Galaxy Note II Phablet and HTC’s Desire HD both run Android, the operating system which has been developed by Google. However, iOS is only found in the devices manufactured by Apple.

Features of Smartphones

The features and capabilities of smartphones can differ from one to another. Let’s take a look at some of the features available in most of the smartphones.


Apps or applications are the major features of smartphones. The functionality of your device is depended on the availability of apps on your device. Such apps are offered on sale on different online stores by the mobile manufacturers. For example, there is the Android Market for Android-based phones and the Apple’s App Store is used by the iPhone users.

Apple iPhone is the first to use tourchscreens in smartphones. Since then many manufacturers have used this features on their devices. Mainly there are two types of touchscreens – capacitive and resistive. Capacitive touchscreen offers more accurate control as it is more advanced than the resistive touchscreen technology. When it comes to the usability, the touchscreens can be discordant in some of the devices.


Most of the smartphones are capable of recording videos and taking pictures. If you think of using this feature frequently, then be sure of the camera quality of the device you are buying. The quality of camera can vary significantly from one device to another. For example, the iPhone 3GS was considered the best smartphone of that period, but it was highly criticized for the low quality camera.

Music Player

Smartphones must have the ability to play music files just at the Mp3 players. Go for a dedicated device if you are looking for the high quality sound. These days the sound qualities of smartphones have increased tremendously.

High-speed Internet Access

Most of the features on the smartphones depend on the ability of the device to have the internet access. It allows you to download music and apps, watch online videos, access email and browse web pages.

Before purchasing the costly smartphone you must be sure that whether or not you will be using the extra features. Those features are the reason why are paying the huge sum, and you can’t expect to have the better reception and quality voice call than the normal mobile phone. Technology is the way forward for online businesses. Why not share your expertise by guest blogging on technology blogs to highlight awareness of this emerging trend.

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