Organ Donation – A Nobel Cause


Organ donation is one of the noblest causes and it is a life transforming. Organ donation is a medical process where the organs or tissues of one person are transplanted into another person’s body. The person donating it is called the donor and the person on whom the transplant is done is called the recipient.

Organ donation is done when a person in need is very ill or even dying. It can save and transform lives. There are many people in need and waiting for organs to be donated. Sometimes the wait is as long as one year or more while they keep suffering. Unfortunately some of them even die just waiting.

Few decades ago there wasn’t much awareness about organ donation, and it would only be done when extremely essential within the family and through word of mouth. Even technology was not so advanced. Today more number of people are becoming aware of Organ donation and its significance and how it can impact people’s lives positively.

Organs are systems of cells and tissues in our body that have specific roles to play. For example: Heart, Liver, Kidney etc. The roles that these organs play, sometimes becomes weak or diminishes with age and hence they are in need. However people who need these organs need not necessarily be old. Organs can be needed by anyone weather he or she is a child, a youth or an adult. Children with any ailments or born with a damaged organ or tissue, others might need it because of organ failure due to some grave sickness etc.

Anyone can donate their organs partly while living or after they die. For this a few tests will be taken. Make a life changing decision today by donating your organ and saving a life. One donor can significantly change the lives of several more through just one person.  It gives us an opportunity to improve the quality of life of another person and helps to live a more fulfilling life and live a life even after death through the recipients.

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