Liquid Facelift: Why Dermal fillers Are Popular Today

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Dermal fillers seem to be the next alternative next to Botox. As it is more natural to look at, it came to be called as the liquid facelift. But here are certain considerations before going straight to the treatment; you just can’t say you want it now.

Knowing first what the best filler is for you and your body type may help in making the treatment a success. Also getting to the right expectation might help one combat some bad results later. There are different types of filler that may fit your needs.

There is different filler for deep wrinkles and different filler for fine lines. Each contains different chemical components which can be explained to you by your doctor.

Different Types of Fillers

  1. Blood Based Fillers. These are usually taken from your own blood. This type of filler has lesser risks and is always compatible with the patient as the blood used is those of the person undergoing the treatment. The process aims to stimulate collagen growth which will be giving a youthful appearance later.
  2. Permanent Fillers. This one is a bit controversial. Another technique used here is the injection of silicon directly to the skin, but this hasn’t been approved yet. Another type of permanent dermal filler though has been approved, it is a combination of poly (methyl) methacrylate and collagen and microspheres.
  3. Hyalauric filler. This helps in plumping up skin and is composed of sugars that hold water just like a sponge. This type may last up to a year before re-injection is needed.
  4. Calcium Based Fillers. This one is useful for that deep crease around the mouth. It ads volume thus raising the skin around wrinkles. This creates a fuller look and younger appearance. It can also last up to a year before the re-treatment but it is known to be less expensive than blood based filers.
  5. Poly L. Lactic Acid Filler. These types of fillers are used for people who are experiencing a medical condition called facial wasting. This type of filler is synthetic and is biodegradable. It aims to replace the collagen in your face and is very effective and natural looking.

So why is it Popular?

Dermal Filler now are trying to dethrone the Botox. As we all know, Botox had reigned for so long as the major facelift option. It keeps your skin wrinkle free by calming the nerves and disabling them from doing movements. But this idea may not be pretty to look at at times. Often times Botox injection may result to some to be not able to form some expressions or express emotions. Filler on the other hand is different.

But of course nobody can dictate you. You can be comfortable with Botox or may have a reason to hate dermal fillers. But all in all, many people now, men and women alike are starting to veer towards dermal fillers. It doesn’t keep them from smiling and it helps them achieve that youthful and fuller look they wanted and dreamed of but lost due to aging.

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