Maintain Your Bachelor Pad Without a Bachelorette

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It might technically be a stereotype, but let’s face it: men just aren’t as gifted when it comes to taking care of themselves. A fridge full of beer and a filthy bathroom are common in the average bachelor pad, but these “amenities” aren’t exactly going to get you anywhere with the ladies. You can still have your video game all-nighters and your occasional fast food binges, but you’ll have to compensate by following these five tips to maintain your pad.

Limit clutter

The easiest way to keep your home clean and organized is to reduce the amount of stuff you have to begin with. Do a full cleaning overhaul and donate any old clothes, books, DVDs, and miscellaneous items that you don’t use anymore. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can even host a garage sale and make a few bucks getting rid of your old things.

Stock your cleaning cabinet

It’s easy to be lazy about cleaning when you don’t have many supplies, but cleaning products today make it so much easier. Invest in a decent lightweight vacuum and plan to vacuum your carpets at least once per month. Keep canisters of Lysol wipes at random places around the home, so you can pull one out and do a quick wipe-down cleaning as needed. Swiffers, dusters, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, flushable toilet scrubbers, and Windex are all musts!

Install a home security system

We’ll start with a tip that doesn’t involve cleaning supplies. Even though a single man doesn’t have nearly as many safety concerns as a single woman living alone, a lower risk is still a risk. Burglary can happen to anyone, and if you’re the type of person who forgetfully leaves the door unlocked while rushing to work in the morning, you could incur a serious loss. claims that most ADT home security systems come at a pretty affordable price, making it a good fit for your lifestyle and your budget.

Preserve your food

Even though it’s tempting to just order pizza every night, try to stick to a healthy diet (and budget) by preserving your groceries for as long as possible. Ethylene Gas Guardian pods can keep your produce fresh for up to two weeks longer, which basically means you can visit the grocery store half as often. Also, make sure to buy organic milk or dairy milk alternatives, since they last longer. Pre-make a supply of pancake batter and store it in a washed ketchup bottle for an easy, fresh breakfast.

Personalize your pad

Without roommates you have unlimited freedom when it comes to decor, lifestyle, and any home indulgence you can think of. Hang up your favorite art and posters (no matter how weird), and turn the spare bedroom into a video gamer’s paradise. Play your music until three in the morning, walk around in your birthday suit, and bust out some dance moves whenever you feel like it. Make your home your own little private sanctuary with all of your favorite foods, movies, and guilty pleasures, so you can actually enjoy coming home to an empty place.

Who says living alone has to be lonely? Having your own private pad can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get to know yourself and relish your independence. These tips will help you overcome the minor maintenance issues along the way, so you can focus on the many benefits of having your own space.

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