Invitation Alternatives for Great Wedding Celebrations at London Wedding Venues


Apart from letting people know your wedding details, invitations give the guests a sneak peak of what your wedding will be like. Choosing the right invitations is not a difficult task. If done right, the invitations will become the talk of the town. Most couples choose simple traditional printed invites to announce their nuptial to their near and dear ones. But why not inject some fun elements to your invitations and show your creative side.
Here are some fresh invitation ideas to prompt your guests to clear their calendar in anticipation of your big day.
Message in a Bottle
If you have chosen a beach or a poolside wedding London venues , a message in a bottle invitation will complement your wedding style. Simply write or type your message on a recycled paper, roll it up, and put it inside the bottle. You can even fill the bottle with sand, pearls, and stones to give the right effect. You can also put labels on the bottle to give a personal touch.

Photo Booth
It’s a sweet and candid way to personalise your invites as well as show your creative side. You and your better half can click pictures holding signs that depict your wedding details like location and date. Click some sassy shots like funny faces and weird costumes.

Balloon Invites
Want something a little different? Choose balloon invites for your ceremony. Balloons give a celebratory feel and get people into the party mood. Get your wedding details printed on the balloon, so the recipient will have to blow it up to read your wedding details. You can choose the colour of the balloons as per your wedding colour palette.

Chocolate Bar Cards
Sending chocolate bar invites is such a sweet way to invite your dear ones to your nuptials. Your guests will have a great time reading the details and simultaneously indulging their taste buds. Print your details on the label of the chocolate bar and wrap it on it. Who would say no to sweet treats?

Scratch Cards
Scratch cards add a sort of mystery to the wedding cards. Guests have to scratch a certain part of the invite to reveal the important information like date and location. It’s such a brilliant idea to amaze the guests with your creativity.

Why not give a historic twist to your modern invitation? Scroll invitations carry a certain charm and charisma of the bygone era. Use cursive writing font to create the right effect. The guests will unroll the scroll and then read the details.

Fan Invitation
Sophisticated and ornate, fan invitations will provide a timeless keepsake to your guests. Imagine the expression of your guests when they will spread the fan to read your announcement. Vintage, floral, garden, beach, and winter wonderland, you can choose any design to suit your ceremony style.

Tying the Knot

This kind of invitation makes the phrase “tying the knot” all the more meaningful. An ornate thread is tied to both the ends and locked in such a way that as the guests open the card, the knot gets tighter. More you pull the ends, the more it ties together.

If you have love for the Mother Nature, you can avoid the wastage of paper completely by sending email invites. These are the most eco-friendly and cost-effective option.
Those who think outside the box can use any of these invitation ideas to announce their nuptial in style.
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