All about Cleaning a Dirty Shower Area

Cleaning a Dirty Shower
Cleaning the dirty shower is a must. Because of the hardness of water, frequent problems include a cogged shower head which should be cleaned properly. The area around the shower, with the soapy film on the tub and on the tiles, is another place in need of regular cleaning. So here are a few tips for cleaning the slippery shower area so its daily use could be different from being on a slide.

Before and preferably during the cleaning, the bathroom should be properly ventilated. If there are no windows, the door should be left open. Cleaners on offer for shower, tub and tile cleaning come in spray containers, that is why they are easy to apply. The shower area can be divided into several sections: treating the sections one by one ensures that less fumes are emitted from the cleaner, and the cleaning liquid can be wiped off properly before it gets dry. After each section is sprayed, it should be left to the action of the cleaning agent for about several minutes, and then the area is ready to be wiped. Rinsing can do the final touches. It is a good idea to spray the second section before the wiping of the first one starts, to spare time as the cleaning agent does its job while the cleaning person is wiping the first section.
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There can be individual grout stains left. An easy to prepare mixture of one part bleach and two parts water can be poured into a spray bottle. After the stains are sprayed, they should be left exposed to the action of the bleach, before the areas are rinsed.
The drain is perhaps the most essential part, for if it is stopped up, the water cannot go down and an unpleasant puddle forms. In most households, the major culprits for drain clogging are hairs which easily accumulate and block the passage. A piece of wire slided into the drain helps to pull out the clumps of hair. But the drain also benefits from additional cleaning, by mixing ¼ cup of ammonia and a quart of boiling water; it is an easy powerful cleaner of any soap coating the pipes.
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As mentioned above, the shower head tends to get clogged too, owing to hard water and accumulation of scale. The result is at first water shooting out in all directions, and then less and less water coming out. It should be cleaned properly, so the person cleaning can start by wiping off the dry debris from the holes with a scrubber sponge. Then a solution of white vinegar and water (one cup is enough) can do the powerful cleaning. It should be poured into a plastic bag , and the bag should be secured around the shower head, to enable the holes to remain immersed. Twenty minutes are enough to unclog the holes, and it is even better to leave the bag around the shower head for as much as an hour. After the bag is removed, any loosened deposits should be wiped off, and the shower should be run on hot water, to let it flush the holes properly.

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