7 Tips on Saving a Relationship – Win the Trust of Your Ex Again

7 Tips on Saving a Relationship – Win the Trust of Your Ex Again

Trying to win trust back is never easy, especially when it has been broken by something like infidelity. Even though it is not easy, it is far from impossible, and (with the right tips on saving a relationship) you and your ex will be able to rebuild the trust.

Tip#1. Before you can win trust back, you have to look at what broke that trust to begin with. Winning back someone’s trust is not as easy as promising not to break it ever again, but understanding exactly what caused it to falter can give you something to go on.

Tip#2. Make sure you trust your partner. Many trust issues are not one-sided.  They are a product of a mutual problem between both partners.

You might have done something that resulted in the breach of trust you are dealing with now, but chances are it is something that did not do intentionally.

Tip#3. Trust is lost much more quickly and easily than it is built. Do not be discouraged by what might look like a lack of progress.

It did not take you a day to get to where you are now, and it is going to take you longer than that to win trust back.

Exactly how long depends on many factors, including what kinds of issues caused the breakup. Try not to hold on to feelings of bitterness or resentment.

Tip#4. Start with a sincere apology. It does not matter if you were caught or you admitted to what you did, an apology would help both of you. However, no matter how heartfelt it might be, be prepared for your partner to feel betrayed.

Tip#5. Let the problem go. What happened between you and your partner in the past is not a matter for you now.

You should let go the bad memories of the past and keep your relationship afresh with new thoughts. Doing so will help you to win trust back of your ex.

Tip#6. Do not repeat your past mistakes. It should be understood, but some people break their partners’ trust repeatedly because they simply cannot help themselves.

In this case, it might be necessary for you to seek therapy– for example, if your relationship was repeatedly harmed by infidelity, treatment for sex addiction might be a good idea.

Tip#7. Do not be afraid to bring in a third party to help win trust back. Sometimes, trust issues occur when one partner does not feel he or she can talk to the other. In that case, relationship counselling can provide a safe, structured, neutral atmosphere for both parties to talk things over.

Sometimes, some breaches of trust can seem like the death of a relationship. While incidents like that is never a good thing, they are usually not the end of the word. By following these tips on saving a relationship, you and your partner will be able to move past your trust issues and build a more stable relationship.

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