Unpleasant cleaning tasks: finding the motivation to do them

Very few people actually enjoy cleaning duties, most people find cleaning a tedious task and as a result try to put it off as long as possible. When it comes to the more unpleasant cleaning tasks, the motivation to start cleaning them is even smaller, and it gets to a point where we do it solely because it can no longer be left in the state it is in. This, however, is the exact opposite thing we should be doing, when something is left for a period of time to collect dirt and grime it becomes all the more difficult to clean, you will need to spend more time and energy cleaning it and may even need to buy specialized cleaning or stain removal products to get rid of the dirt completely.
Here is a list of some of the more unpleasant cleaning tasks that people put off doing:
Unpleasant cleaning tasks_1
• Emptying and cleaning the vacuum cleaner
Cleaning your vacuum cleaner with regularity is important. When your vacuum becomes dirty and the bag becomes completely full it will stop cleaning as efficiently, it will pick up less dirt and dust giving you more work to do to get the carpets looking clean. You can check if the bag is full or if there is something in the pipe of the cleaner blocking the suction by putting your hand over the end of the pipe and judging from the power of the suction.

• Emptying and cleaning the bins
Make sure that you wash your bin out each time you change the bin liner as food bits and liquids may have seeped out of the bag and into the base of the bin, if left un-cleaned this could result in mould or mildew and become very smelly. When you clean the bin use disinfectant and clean the inside, outside and lid of the bin, the disinfectant will kill bacteria and get rid of any odours.

• Cleaning the oven
This is a prime example of how something left un-cleaned will be more difficult to clean at a later date, baked on food and grime can be difficult and take a lot of elbow grease to remove. Buy some good, strong oven cleaner that will do most of the hard work for you. Remember that cleaning your oven will render is un-usable for a few hours maybe even overnight, so consider what food you buy and how you intend to cook it.
Unpleasant cleaning tasks_2

• Cleaning out the fridge/freezer
When the fridge has been left un-cleaned for a while it can start to become very smelly and dirty inside, food kept inside may absorb some of this smell from the fridge meaning this is what you might have to smell when you are eating. Furthermore, if you clean your fridge often, it takes much less time to clean. The freezer is more of a task as it means defrosting it, do this at a time when there are no frozen foods in there that can’t be eaten straight away to minimise the food wastage.

• Cleaning the toilet
Cleaning the toilet is another one of those tasks that if you do it often, it takes much less time to clean. Make sure you buy rubber gloves and have all the cleaning equipment and products you need before starting.

Tips how to better cope
• Do something you enjoy while you clean, such as listening to your favourite music, or iron infront of your favourite film.
• If it is a big cleaning task, split it up into smaller more manageable tasks. For example, instead of cleaning the entire fridge, clean a shelf a day.
• Give yourself a time, allow yourself to clean for 30 minutes (or whatever you like) and no more, avoid doing too much in one go.
• Reward yourself for finishing your cleaning.
• Schedule your cleaning around your other duties and try to do it first thing in the morning so that it doesn’t become something you dread all day.
• Get the family to help, delegate jobs.
• Consider hiring a cleaner to delegate the cleaning responsibilities completely.

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