Top Trends in Interior Design

When designing your home it is very important that you consider what’s in and what’s not. On this article we listed tips that will help you decide what design you can come up.

Glass Walls

More and more new home projects include the use of large areas of windows. This trend applies to both windows that open out onto balconies or terraces, and also those that have no function whatsoever. A number of architects these days are also making use of walls constructed entirely of glass!

What are the pros and cons of this trend in interior design?

Glass surfaces have many benefits; both in terms of functional use and for their possibilities for interior design. However, with advantages, there always come its disadvantages.  The following are some of both to consider:


· We must begin by noting that the glass surfaces generate significant heat loss. Therefore, energy-efficient homes do not often use glasswalls unless they are installed on the side of the building exposed to the sun, such as the south or southwest – in this case, the use of glass is justified.

· The natural energy recovered from a glass wall during a long period throughout the day not only helps to heat the room, but also makes the room brighter!  But……….

· If you install large windows facing north, it is considered a simple waste of money, not only on your energy bills, but as well as on the cost of the windows themselves. Long-term energy costs are far more important than the cost of the glass wall itself.

· When ordering glass walls, be sure to pay attention to the heat transfer coefficient. The lower it is, the less energy loss you might have. Another thing, make sure that the glass windows are properly installed and insulated.



Interior Design:

· Depending on weather and temperatures of course, we should utilize all ways to obtain the maximum natural light inside our houses and apartments.  What better way is there than an entire wall made of glass to do this?

· Large windows or glass walls have been found to improve mood. If you have the chance to enjoy a beautiful view over the garden, for example, large windows will surely enhance your aesthetic impressions.

· It must not be forgotten that interiors with large glass walls appear larger than they really are. This is resulting from the basic visual impact on consumers which makes these interiors brighter, warmer and friendlier.

In conclusion, there are many important things to consider when deciding to put a glass wall in your interior room. And after a careful thought, you’ll have a room with a view!

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- Melony has been writing about interior design on a number of blogs including her own Monarch Glass Walls. She writes about interior design, architecture and home remodelling construction.

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