The Top 5 Tips to Creating a Good Outdoor Sign

outdoor advertising signage

Outdoor advertising is one of the most effective ways of promoting your business, service or event. Outdoor advertising can range from posters or signs in a local storefront to towering billboards along metro or rural highways. Outdoor advertising is an especially effective way to capture attention, reach busy people, change attitudes, convey an important message or raise brand awareness for your business. Using a well designed sign is a cost effective way to attract customers to your business.

When creating outdoor advertising signage, it is important to remember a number of factors that will greatly increase its effectiveness.

1)      Effective outdoor advertising is often simple in nature. Signs that are straight to the point have a much better chance of attracting the attention of people who may only pass the sign for a few seconds. A good balance of information, images and colour are more likely to be successful than overly flashy ads or dull and boring ones.

2)      Using contrasting colours is a great way to grab people’s attention. Colours can be loud and bright, but certain combinations can be irritating to the eyes or blur the intended message from particular distances. Creating ugly or irritating advertising will give you a bad reputation among the general public before you have even started.

3)      Using outdoor advertising in suitable locations is one of the most important aspects of advertising. Advertisements should be placed in areas of high vehicle or foot traffic to gather the most attention. Placing advertisements where they will rarely be seen is a waste of money and will not aid you in attracting customers.

4)      Incorporate photographs or images into your outdoor advertising signs. Pictures can often capture the product or message you wish to advertise better than words can, and people are more likely to stop for an image than for text. Make sure important text you do include, such as price, location and contact details are easy to read.

5)      Use multiple types of outdoor print advertising signs. Using combinations of billboards, banners, posters and stickers can help spread your message over a wider area, as well as increase the likelihood of people seeing your advertising several times which in turn increases the likelihood of them remembering and seeking your product or service.

By using these tips you can create an effective outdoor advertising campaign for your business or event.

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